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This is hardcore free music improv at its best: intense, focused, quick changing, challenging to the listeners and musicians alike and the excitement factor is up high. Vocalist Marie Daniels is particularly strong throughout, glad to hear her do her thing, cast her up there with Sainko, Iva Bittova & Catherine Jauniaux. What makes this disc so special is that all four members are equally strong, focused and intense improvisers. The interactions are often astonishing!
Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG New York City
Vibrating strings, air streams, and vocal cords are directly in confrontation with each other, providing a listening experience that touches the innermost on this bold quartet's debut CD. The skills of these four musicians, all members of The Dorf & Umland collective, are spectacular and unite here in a collectively lived freedom.
Stefan Pieper, JazzZeitung July 2020
Their now first album consists of 16 numbers, in which they drive a very clear and convincing line... Their predominantly freely improvised music is highly energetic, with the four musicians making music very finely together.
Freistil Magazine Sept. 2020


The horizon is vast and the imagination plentiful. As is the willingness to engage fully in the moment. Hilde is curious, lyrical and dedicated. She embraces, scatters and merges, uniting free improvisation with composed elements.

Julia Brüssel (violin), Maria Trautmann (trombone), Marie Daniels (voice) and Emily Wittbrodt (cello) have been playing together as Hilde since 2018 and released their debut CD "Open" on Umland Records in 2020. Their second album will be released in 2024.

At times it’s a twisted, dense "musique concrete", then again there are flashes of imaginative allusions to Renaissance or early Baroque music. But it is not "Hilde" to stay in these rich resources and revolve around themselves, more and more song structures peel out of these sound scenarios. As intricate as the structures are, a direct "instant composing" dominates in Hilde. Thereby it goes from a freely proliferating individuality directly into a common center. To venture out of the abstract into the lyrical, that’s what it’s all about.

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Hilde Music - Free improvisation with composed elements

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